FABLABBED Standing Desk Update

I’m slowly making progress on my standing desk.  I’ve researched many different standing desk designs and surprisingly found many good ideas from about a dozen different Kickstarters, so it was neat to see I was certainly not the only person thinking that this would be a popular DIY project.

Sylvia introduced my to Sketchup and Inkscape and I’ve been learning how to draw basic shapes.  A few weeks ago Sylvia and I worked out some basic pieces and got the files to transfer to the laser printer.  I’m now working on a cardboard mock up of my design and will be translating that to the CNC Mill.

All in all this has become a great activity for me, I’ve gone from a few months ago thinking I could never do any real “building” to now looking up CNC furniture plans and realizing I could not only make someone else’s design on the mill but could design my own.  It has also helped me to understand the real value of a fablab isn’t just in the equipment and tools that are available to us, but the shared ideas and knowledge.

Stay tuned! We hope we can roll-out a standing desk for very low cost using recycled materials by sometime this spring (noting I’m sure someone who was actually skilled in this area would’ve been able to do this much, much more quickly, but for me it was the experience in journey, not the product that mattered most).


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