Our summer work has progressed!  We have started the FAB-FRIDAY Campus Cohort, open to all UW-Stout faculty, staff and students interested in learning more about the FABLAB.  Our cohort currently consists of people working in the FABLAB, want to work in the FABLAB or want their students to have the opportunity to work in the FABLAB.

Join the FABLAB Cohort in the UW-Stout FABLAB Fridays 12:30pm until you’re tired!!

Our First FABLAB Friday Cohort Meeting.

Our First FABLAB Friday Cohort Meeting.

The goals of our FAB-FRIDAY Cohort

1) Communicate upcoming and ongoing FABLAB opportunities.

2) Share knowledge, ideas and resources among the cohort and broader community to build capacity and create infrastructure that supports the FABLAB.

3) Build, create, experiment, explore, solve problems and create opportunities for a truly transdisciplinary work environment.


2 thoughts on “FAB-FRIDAYS HAVE BEGUN!!

  1. I am really looking forward to seeing your projects in the FabLab — I’m going to pass this onto some others that I know in the education field, this is very inspiring!

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