Using 123D Catch

Using 123D Catch

Kitrina, Anne and I are working to get scans of people printed on a 3D printer. We have had some luck with inanimate objects but not so much luck with scanning people. Photo A shows one of 32 pictures taken of a fountain in Prague. We are using 123D Catch (item B) to process the photos into a 3D model. This has required us to download 123D catch to our laptops. It still requires an Internet connection for processing. The 3D model is then trimmed by generating a mesh, shown in C. Finally, the object is sent to a 3D printer as shown in D. The process seems fairly simple but there are some tricks we have learned. They are as follows:

1. Take at least 20 photos
2. Make sure the subject is lit well on all sides.
3. Distance from camera to subject makes a difference – We will be trying 20 feet or so in the next trial. A four foot distance was too close as even the most minor movement blurs the image and the final stitching for the photograph.
4. You need to select an object and create a mesh twice for good rendering. The first time you select an object the item is trimmed well. However, material behind your object of choice is still rendered. Rotate around your view by 90 degrees or more and select and trim a second time. This removes extraneous background (see excess in view C) that you don’t want printed.
5. We will be looking at printing a final version of the fountain directly to the Maker 2X in upcoming sessions. We are interested in knowing if we can print directly from the pop-up in 123D Catch or if we need to download the Makerbot printer drivers.

Using the Makerbot software with 123D Catch seems like a simple enough process if we are able to get our scanning technique more refined.


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