Community of Practice: Community of Support

Last Thursday was an exciting day for me. Kitrina Carlson and Anne Kerber showed up to help facilitate a workshop of 20+ science teachers who were in the Fab Lab for a Thursday morning session.  Several weeks ago Anne and Kitrina were learning to use the laser engraver and the vinyl cutter as newcomers to the Fab Lab.  On Thursday they helped set up, troubleshoot, and run the machines as well as provided guidance and instruction to these science teachers.  We had the teachers make the spectrascope project we all built earlier ( and .  It was a success.  All of the teachers were able to get their spectrascopes to work     We are moving from a community of people who are being introduced to machines and their capabilities to a community of individuals who are able to operate, troubleshoot, and innovate in the Fab Lab.  It is truly exciting to see the beginnings of a cadre of people who are all able to teach and support other learners in the Fab Lab.  We are building infrastructure.  Thanks Anne and Kitrina!  


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