If I Can Solder, So Can You!

Over the last week, Dr. Sylvia Tiala taught us how to use the circuit board mill and software to create our own circuit boards. With our circuits cut out, we started soldering the components for a flashlight to the boards. I’ll admit – I was nervous about working with soldering equipment for the first time. I study communication and don’t have much experience in working with these kinds of tools. Thanks to a patient instructor and some practice, we successfully assembled our boards – and the lights worked! (Pro tip: Put the soldering iron in the hand you write with!)


It took a few final adjustments – including taking the battery housing off and re-soldering it to the board – but we were able to get the circuit boards into cases. It was a good exercise in problem-solving!


Here’s the final product. Not bad for a girl who got a C in shop class. If I can do this, anyone can!




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